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Cable Tray Provider for British Columbia

Code Manufacturing has built a reputation as being the fastest provider of Cable Trays to British Columbia and all of Western Canada. Aluminum and Steel Ladder Tray can be delivered to your job site in days. Basket Tray and Instrumentation Channel is stocked and can ship as soon as you need it. As storage space on a job site is cramped, Code is a favourite of provincial contractors for being able to “feed the job” as needed. And if you are ever short a fitting or a length of tray, Code will try and get it to you the very next day. Code Tray is widely found in mills, marine terminals, factories, high-rises, data centres, office buildings, and many more places. In short, we are the company that construction and other industries count on for cable trays in British Columbia.

Aluminum: Ladder, Ventilated, Solid, Instrumentation Channel

STEEL: Ladder, Ventilated, Solid, Instrumentation Channel

Stainless Steel

Paint Ready

Tray Cover & Accessories

Tray Load Ratings

TRAY Technical PAGES

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