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Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication in British Columbia

Code is well known for being able to manufacture custom variations of our staple products. Known for our sheet metal fabrication in BC, our core products have always included Junction Boxes, Splitters, BUS Gutters and Kiosks. However, we also have the ability to create a wide-range of non-electrical products. Examples of custom products we have produced in the past can be seen below, but our scope goes well beyond these. Please inquire with our staff to see if we can partner with you to create your sheet metal fabrication in BC.

Electrical Customs

  • Pull Boxes
  • Bus Gutters
  • Wireway
  • Monitor Protection
  • Shelters
  • Splitters
  • Dimmer Panels
  • CT Cabinets
  • Kiosks

Brackets & Poles

  • Custom Brackets
  • Poles various lengths and powder coated up to 18 feet
  • Light Fixture Mount

Cabinets & Consoles

  • Storage Lockers
  • Ticket Booths
  • Machine Control Panels
  • Mobile Counters
  • Ship Steering Consoles
  • Bike Storage Terminals

CAD, CNC Design & OEM Prototyping

  • Our in-house designers assist our customers with everything from a custom enclosure to helping other manufacturers produce their own products. We will help you find the most efficient way to produce the product you need.

    Protective Cages & Multipurpose Container

    • Light Fixture Cage
    • Planters
    • Gymnasium Sign/Light Protection
    • Outdoor Faucet Cage
    • Bike Storage Lockers

    Silk Screening & Product Branding

    Silk Screen Corporate Logos, Instructions, or Warning Labels on your enclosures or products. Brand your product with your corporate colours with our C3 Powder Coating service.

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